The advent of modern technology has really changed the landscape of the world. And in the present time, one of the most important weapons for every country is the presence of information technology that is harnessed in most aspects of economic and political activities.

And for the United States, they are leaving no stones unturned in upgrading its government into a more modernized and more advanced system as the committee from the General Services Administration who is in charged on technology transformation revealed its plans in taking the US government’s IT infrastructure to the next level.

Game Changer

The role of information technology, or IT for short, has been a great game changer in the past decade. IT infrastructure, which commonly consists of the software, hardware, and network facilities, is responsible for the management and delivery of major IT solutions essential in the daily operation of a given industry.

Primarily, it serves as the main support for the whole system used by a company and is responsible mainly in the storing, analyzing, presenting, and processing of the important data needed on the transaction and facilitation of the business. That is the reason why it must never be neglected.

Truly, in the present business setting, the greatest force to success relies heavily on a sophisticated IT infrastructure.

Looking back at its history, the birth of information technology can be traced back in the late 1950’s. A published article in the Harvard Business Review from a formidable duo of Thomas Whisler and Harold Leavitt first coined the term ‘information technology,’ described as “higher order thinking through computer programs.”

Fast forward to the 20th century, it is still widely harnessed across the world and across many industries.
With the US government looking to upgrade its IT infrastructure, it looks like the country is sending a major statement that it is still the most powerful nation in the world.

Taking IT Seriously

The Technology Transformation Service has expressed their serious desire to level up the It infrastructure in US government, saying that they will take and copy the best industry practices and will apply them for the future government system.

In relation with this goal, the committee has announced that it is sets its sights on the creation of the Technology Modernization Fund who will finance the establishment of five major IT centers in the Department of Agriculture, which will be called as Center of Excellence that will be responsible in optimizing IT infrastructure, improving customer service, implementation of cloud adoption, and upgrading contact centers.

Aside from that, GSA revealed that they will take part in the 25 of the 50 items that are mentioned in the recent ATC report regarding shared services. Add to this, the agency has also been taking charge in the distribution of funds across different branches of the government, with reportedly $500 million funds in the offing, made possible by the Modernizing Government Technology Act.

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