An unknown man was found dead last December 28 and became the 90th person who fell under the obnoxious hands of violence for the year 2017 as the cases of shooting in Miami extended its streak into three consecutive nights.

The police authority came to the rescue after receiving another report of gun violence this time near at Northwest 62nd Lane in the 12th Avenue.

The victim, who suffered from several gun shots, was brought to the near hospital but was not able to survive the onslaught after the doctor pronounced his death. The police have yet to recognize the identity of the man and was still investigating the incident.

According to records, a case of gun violence was also recorded early in Thursday morning, where one person was reported as its victim. Less than a hundred have been the casualty of the said crime in 2017, which includes both children and adults.

Last Tuesday, Dec 26, a day after the Christmas, the Miami police went on an ambush in the northwest part of the city, leaving five people wounded including teenagers, much to the dismay of Assistant Director Alfredo Ramirez, who was in disbelief about the incidents.

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Gun violence has been a sensitive issue across United States. For the past years, many people have fallen prey to its trap, which left thousands of casualties including children, women, poor, and many more. In this issue, Miami, despite being a rich city, was no exemption.

Three consecutive nights of gun violence in Miami are really alarming. It sends a message to the people and the government that security can be at risk at all times. Hence, efforts should be doubled in combating these crimes.

True enough, the value of security systems should not be neglected especially by the public sector and the government as most gun violence happened in public places. Investing to modern technology is a big boost to the morale of the public and posts big threat to criminals. The presence of camera and video systems, intercom system, biometrics, and alarm systems in public areas is a great weapon in the attempt to minimize crimes.

While Miami is a haven for recreation and business, the city also possesses Alarm Masters Corp, a provider of security devices, which aid in the prevention of major crimes such as burglary, theft, terrorism, and gun violence.

Alarm Masters Corp offers a wide range of products including camera systems, which are useful in monitoring the time to time activities in public areas, biometric and intercom systems, alarm systems, fire alarms, and access control, which are all effective ‘weapons and witnesses’ against crimes and law violators.

For the benefit of the government, security camera systems, which includes CCTV surveillance and intrusion detection system, add more sense of security to people and can also serve as reliable reference for the authorities when investigating crimes such as shooting.

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