Tony Conway Miami-Dade police

A triumvirate of young teens are now facing a case of first degree murder as police authorities arrested them for shooting a 49-year old man from Northwest Miami-Dade in his own apartment which eventually lead to his death.

The suspects were identified as Shawntera Jackson, Dashera Davis, both 16-years old, and a 17-yr old lad Travis Charlite, who were caught the following day after the crime was committed.

According to reports from the authorities, the trio arranged a meet up with the victim Tony Conway on January 3, Wednesday, in his apartment but the suspects earlier broke into his house using a spare key and waited for him to arrive before pulling off a chilling massacre on Conway.

The 49-year old Conway suffered a gunshot in his stomach and was still able to walk outside his house but tides were not on his side as he eventually fall to his death.

The three teenagers escaped through a 2015 model of a black Audi Q7 but the vehicle was easily identified by the police the following day, leading to their arrest. Aside from first degree murder, the suspects are also facing armed robbery with a deadly weapon.

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