With deadly violence happening left and right nowadays, it looks like there is no stopping some experts in making further leaps in the field of security system to develop major devices that could save thousands of lives.

Inspired by the deadly 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, a former teacher from Wisconsin has arrived on a solution to prevent such tragedy as she teamed up with famous software provider Acumium in bringing the latest ‘Trinity Gunshot Alarm System.’

The Device That Does Not Cry Wolf

Alarm system is one of the earliest security device in human history. Since the 18th century, this device has been used by Americans in catching burglars, who intruded on their place and property. The first alarm system was believed to be an electromagnetic device, powered by battery, a simple yet effective weapon against intruders.

Since then, major developments have been incorporated to alarm system. From the notable works of Sir Edwin Holmes to Sir Edward Callahan, the brain behind central monitoring, and now up to the latest version in the 21st century, people have seen a great transformation on the alarm system, which has also played an important role to their lives.

Alarm system has been serving its purpose across various fields – form residential or home use up to industrial, business, and military. It has been a huge weapon in detecting burglars and intruders to avoid the loss of essential assets.

Today, the device is also being utilized in the automobile industry as it becomes a main feature to cars and other vehicles. Likewise, it is widely-used in prisons for the monitoring and controlling of inmates.

Alarm system is known as the device that does not cry wolf, or maybe in some unfortunate instance, it does. But there is no doubt that it has saved millions of lives throughout the years. And now a new invention has been introduced, people have found yet another saving grace in the form of this alarm system.

Brilliant Mind

Stacy Jax, an ex-sub teacher in Baraboo School District presented her alarm system that uses the sound of a gun to give instant alert, which she said was inspired by the Sandy Hook shooting six years ago.

She said that the device called Trinity Gunshot Alarm System, was her solution to prevent tragedy like the Sandy Hook shooting to happen again, prompting her to come up with an equipment that could make effective notifications in times of emergencies.

Teaming up with Acumium in early 2016, Jax had since collaborated with major developers to establish a unique yet equally effective device. The Trinity Gunshot Alarm System is basically a lot like other fire alarms. It is consist of sensors that, once triggered, will produce sound akin to a gunshot.

An officer from the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department, to whom the device is presented, gave its nod to the alarm system and said that school personnel cannot be confused with the gunshot from the fire alarm compared to other loud noises.

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