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Hard-earned money is very much hard to lose.

A man in Florida, who works at BurgerFi restaurant in Weston, suffered a bitter twist of fate as the store’s money, which was supposed to be deposited in a bank, slipped quickly from his hands after an unidentified thief in Weston grabbed his bag and ran away with the money.

The incident happened last December 26, Tuesday morning, when the restaurant employee was supposed to deposit money in bank but an unknown person  rushed towards him, threatened him, and took all the money.

The man tried to fight back after being punched by an object but the suspect was too overpowering and was able to quickly escape from the scene. Fortunately, the victim was reported safe after the incident and did not suffer any injury. Meanwhile, the police has yet to discover the identity of the suspect.

The authorities as well as K-9 units arrived in the parking lot where the robbery incident happened but did not find any trace of the suspect.

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Nowadays, business entities become an easy target for armed robberies or hold up. This is for the obvious reason that they possess amount of money in the form of assets and revenues from their services. In fact according to the US government, there was an uptick of 2% in the overall robbery rate in the country for 2015, with small businesses emerging as prime target for criminals.

This is the main reason why even small businesses should exert big efforts in fighting and preventing incidents of theft, especially in Miami, Florida, where business is one of the largest sectors in the city.

To protect your establishment, you will need to invest on sound and superb security systems such as access controlled systems to make sure that its stakeholders, assets, and information remain safe.

Emergency situations can occur at any time in the day to day operations of the business. It is the access control’s duty to enhance the security and assure that there will be immediate response in times of emergencies.

More importantly, access controlled security systems reduce the cases of robbery or theft as it facilitates the access to the important areas in the business.

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Alarm Masters Corp caters access control systems that will work in many ways: protecting your employees, avoid unauthorized access, electronic recording, customize schedules, and providing remote access. These are key essentials in improving the security in the workplace and will allow good flow of operations while achieving peace of mind.

Alarm Master Corp is aware that a sound security system is an important piece of every business organization, even small entities, to stay ahead of the competition and we are serious in providing you cost-effective and high-end solutions that fit your requirements and needs.

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