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In a bid to save security systems from cyber attacks, the North Bristol Trust has received a major support from the government as it was granted with a whopping fund to improve and boost its security defense against criminals.

According to reports, the North Bristol Trust, the force behind the operation of Southmead Hospital, has begun working in tightening and upgrading its security systems from the £650,000 government fund.

Prone to Damage

Security systems have gained so much attention from consumers in the past decade. The advancement of technology has brought huge improvement to the security market and products have experienced a major makeover.

But despite the growing demand, there remains a big challenge to the technology called cyber attacks – a common crime in the digital era.

In England, to be specific, there were almost 100 million cases of cyber attacks where local governments became the main target. The figures were recorded from the years 2013 to 2017.

Based on the data from the Big Brother Watch, an average of one in four local unit experienced data breach on its security systems; while more than 50% of the UK’s local government claimed that they fail to inform authorities on such cases.

Cyber attacks are no joke. Aside from it damages the security system itself, it can also cause thousands or millions of loss for the company. It can harm people as information about them can be leaked. They can be more exposed to criminals – their location and their identity. It can create chaos.

At any point, local government could not just be the target of criminals. Even your home security or the business’ system can be attacked any time.

Fighting Back

It is given that people will not go without a fight.

On its board meeting last May 31, the North Bristol Trust decided that the fund granted by the government will be designed to improve vulnerable systems – those that are prone to cyber attacks.

The inspiration behind this development was the shocking ransomware attack happened last year at NHS England, where 40 of its main organizations became the target of the attack. The crime resulted to a great damage.

With the system breached by criminals, plenty of operations were stopped while patient records cannot be accessed.

And although the North Bristol Trust was spared from the attack, the institution does not want to suffer the same fate as the NHS; that is why it has started to build a stronger security defense and trials and tests have been made this year.

Few months ago, the trust survived a malicious cyber attack, which put around eight hundred accounts of its employees in the brink of danger. Criminals used a style called phishing attack, a move where personal login details are used to take over and control the accounts.

But the attack was stopped early by the security team as it the system sent signal to NHS Digitals about threats of cyber crime.

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