Some landlords are hard to deal with. Some will pressure you over with the monthly rent while in an isolate case in Miami Beach in Florida, a landlord abused her power and victimized one of her tenants by stealing expensive stuffs inside the apartment.

According to the reports from the authorities, the incident happened in December 18, when the 34 year-old landlord Valentina Zaeta together with an unknown collaborator, who provided access to the room, broke inside Claudia Pimentel’s apartment and stole expensive items including credit cards, personal laptop, a branded bag and wallet, and cash amounting to $500.

Zaeta was pressed with burglary and grand theft and evidences were strong against her.

Unfortunately for Zaeta and her partner in crime, their illegal activity was caught on a surveillance camera from a business nearby named Miami Massage Therapy, which the police obtained to solidify the case against Zaeta.

Based on the video, two women, one of them being Zaeta, came off from a white van then entered the apartment and just after few minutes, they walked away with Pimentel’s precious stuffs.

Aside from burglary and theft, Zaeta’s action was also a clear violation of personal privacy.

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