Most industries nowadays are relying with the service of security systems to keep and maintain an impervious business environment in an organization. With demands continue to rise and technology bringing up its wonders, security companies are on a roll in developing more advanced and more sophisticated devices.

Japan, one of the most powerful nations in the world, sets its sights to the massive use of biometrics technology as its prime access control device in its streaking casino industry as lawmakers from the Asian powerhouse are pushing for the use of the device to minimize gambling.

Strict Authorization

Access control is an everyday part of many business organizations. This device allows employees and employers to access a particular place or resource in the company. It gives a strict authorization on who can enter or use the given facility or equipment, giving more protection to the assets of the business as it does not permit unauthorized entry.

Access control systems can be geographical, physical, or electronic. Among the most popular electronic access device is the biometrics system that has gained more attention in the world in the recent years.

Biometrics is a type of electronic access control that utilizes computers in verifying the identity of a given person. The device gives permission to the personnel based on the authentication done by the device, whether he or she is identified using fingerprints, voice, retina or facial recognition and other biological features.

Japan, being one of the most modernized country in the globe, is no stranger in using biometrics technology. In fact, the device is widely used in public places and major establishments. On some areas, fingerprint scanning is done on tourists for security purposes when they visited the country.

This time, the role of biometrics technology become more crucial as Japan expressed its serious bid in combatting gambling addiction with the use of facial and vein recognition.

Big Response

With the Japanese government removing the ban to integrated resort casinos back in 2016, it has come up with a big response on its possible effect when they started rolling anew. The said proposal of using biometrics technology will target tourists and foreign residents who would enter casino establishments.

Three years ago, the country has tried to limit the exposure of Japanese in gambling as it pulled off the My Number Card system, which contains a unique 12-digit numbers that will identify a person, but it did not succeed as only 10% of its huge population was able to own a card.

One company name that loomed as its main provider of the biometric technology was Melco, who recently released its latest product called MelGuard, a device that tracks visitors using biometrics system.

The firm has vowed to deliver its commitment to Japanese stakeholders by answering the government’s needs on security solutions and provide necessary aid in achieving safer, integrated resorts.

The said biometrics device from MelCo is reportedly not just for tracking visitors in casinos but also to remove unwanted elements that may arise to crimes.

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