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There is nothing much to celebrate in Thanksgiving day.

In the actual day of annual feast in United States, the life of a 14-year old lad ended in a tragic car accident while another 14-year old boy was nursing a major injury. The fatal car crash took place in Miami’s Airport Expressway, early in the morning of the highly-anticipated holiday.

Jerome Gardner, 14, who was driving a BMW heading east of State Road 112, unfortunately lost his control over the vehicle, which caused the car to bump hard to the guardrail on the expressway, and eventually led to the sorry death of the teenager.

His companion, Clifton Patterson, also 14, suffered a major injury after he lost his arm on the accident, as rescuers and field surgeons needed to proceed to amputation to save him.

Luckily, 16-year old Carlton Smith, the third passenger in the car, survived the incident and no injuries were reported.

The Florida Highway Patrol claimed that the luxury car was stolen from its owner named Hialeah. The police are looking on reckless driving, or driving at a high speed, as possible angle and might be the reason behind the fatal accident.


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Some occasions are not always about celebration. In an unfortunate twist of fate, it can be miserable especially if people take things for granted. Accidents and emergencies are unplanned events that will take you by surprise and all of a sudden someone’s life or something important is gone.

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