One of the most sought after and, apparently, controversial security device nowadays is the video surveillance systems. With the influx of users wanting to keep an eye to their precious assets, the demand for this device has dramatically gone up in the recent years despite numerous criticisms regarding its ability to invade someone’s privacy.

Hanwha Techwin America, a leading provider of security solutions, made a major upgrade to its video surveillance products as it introduced the technology called ‘extraLUX,’ or popularly known as the color night vision.

No Hiding

The presence of a video surveillance has been a solid force to any setting – whether it is in the residence area, workplace, or in the public. With its capability to capture the activities of people around, it sends an important warning to everyone “no hiding!” because it can see you.

Video surveillance continues to do its wonders especially in the business workplace. One of the most important assets of a business is a steady and powerful security system and so far video surveillance does not disappoint.

Though some versions may cost a little bit more, the expense for purchasing and installing video surveillance can always give justice to its service as it provides intense protection to the company whether inside or outside by tracking and recording criminals activities such as vandalism and robbery.

Equally, it gives sound protection to company’s employees, making them more productive and efficient on their respective roles. As they become aware of the presence of such device, they feel safer and more convenient in the workplace thus increasing their level of performance while delivering satisfaction to their core of customers.

With Hanwha Techwin America taking a big leap towards product advancement, business firms can upgrade their level of security through this recent development from the formidable Korean tech company.

Improving the Eyesight

Since video surveillance serves as our eye in monitoring situations, Hanwha Techwin’s latest move will improve the eyesight of this device for better and more accurate performance, with extraLUX known for its great ability to record videos even in dark areas.

According to the firm, the color night vision is now added to its X series camera and features an exciting technology that produces clear video images that defy the condition of the environment or the amount of light.

Consumers can now avail the extraLUX technology in their products like the XNV 6085 and XNB-6005, which contains 4.1mm to 16.4 mm lens, allowing users to easily focus or zoom out on the subject. These devices also contains already-built gyro sensor, essential in stabilizing digital images so that it can create clearer and more precise recording.

One of the Hanwha’s top official claimed that this development was one of the best technology they have produced. He also stressed that this extraLUX did not give so much focus on noise generation so that users will be able to capture more accurate and clear image during night time.

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