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Soon, there will be a big name in the security systems market.

With the modern advancement continue to push forward in the security market, the chief executive officer of the Fingerprint Cards, a giant provider of biometric technology, remains positive that their main product, the smart cards will soon lord over the global industry.

Making a Mark

The Biometric fingerprint technology has made its huge mark in the world. It has drastically shaped the importance of the device in the lives of people.

The automation of the identification and verification process of individuals is greatly utilized across residential areas and even in different industries. With the goal to elevate the security, every organization nowadays taps the service of a biometric device.

It is very common in the workplace.

Employers normally used the technology as authentication mechanism in monitoring the daily time in and timeout of its employees. With this, it removes the burden of the traditional recording of attendance and the use of passwords to further avoid the possibility of data breaches.

People have reaped the benefits of this technology from the academe and government facilities to major corporations and bank firms and in various business environments.

Despite its recent benefits, people continue to look for development to make securities stronger and lives easier.

The biometric smart card was introduced. A built in microprocessor was combined in a biometric device to make a high performing and flexible device. It has been widely used in government IDs, corporate access, and in financial transactions is expected to grow in millions for the coming years.

Beyond Keys and Pins

“They will have an important role this year,” said Christian Fredrikson of the FPC, referring to the importance of the biometric card in reviving the overall sales of the firm.

Following a struggling 2017, the FPC is looking to bounce back this year in a bid to recover from a dismal performance brought by the pressure from the growing sensor market in mobile fingerprints.

The official believed that their products will shine bright this year as smart cards are predicted to become the next biometric mass market in 2018.

FPC has set its goal of establishing major segments in the market to surpass the 10% representation of its sales, which fell down from 95% in the year prior.

Aside from its plan to reduce expenses though major layoff and other program, FPC will rely on its smart cards to kick start growth in the company’s sales as it started to collect pace in the market.

Fredrikson stressed that although it will take time before the device achieve bigger customers, he remained optimistic about the future of its biometric smart cards – with the completion of its certification process in the tail end of the year serving as its starting line to create a big step towards market milestone.

FPC will release its earnings report for the first quarter on Thursday, May 3, which would tell if the results match the expectations of its stakeholders.

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