Criminals will never run out of gimmicks just to fool their victims.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating and looking for the identity of a serial theft who facilitated three separate robbery incidents in Palm Beach, Florida, where he disguised as a professional wearing suit and tie.

The authorities have tagged the suspect as ‘armed and dangerous.’ Aside from dressing in formal attire, which made him looked like a businessman, he was also carrying a firearm in his last burglar activity, where he targeted a Wells Fargo branch last November 17, Friday.

With his ploy of wearing suits and ties, investigators have given him proper moniker that fits him: the ‘Business Bandit.’

It was his third crime in just a single month as FBI believed that he was also the same suspect behind the two bank robbery cases.

In November 10, the Business Bandit targeted a PNC branch located in Palm Beach Gardens while in November 7, he executed his first robbery in SunTrust branch in Boca Raton.

Prior to the crime, it was the second suspect in bank robbery after the police nabbed the ‘Shaky Bandit’ last October in a car chase.


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It is very common for banks to become a victim of theft or robbery. With its nature of business, criminals could not resist the temptation or allure of big money banks have. In 2015, the FBI reports showed that there is an average of 5000 banks being robbed every year while only 20% of the loot is recovered.

The remaining 80% is such a gigantic loss for a banking institution. For banks, every single coin or paper money counts. This is why banks should increase the level of security in their place to avoid incurring major loss. To keep their reputation, they must invest on top notch security systems that will protect their clients and their invested money. Security systems are not just beneficial in combatting crimes such as robbery, but also help in crime investigation, prevent fraud, and deter phantom ATM withdrawals.

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