It looks like the citizens of Los Angeles City in the United States will need to be extra careful as the city council are boiling out new guidelines that will impose monetary punishment to people guilty of false fire alarm.

Driven by the serious consequences associated with false fire alarms, the City Council in LA will soon impose fines on business and home owners to lessen the number of cases, which has been a perennial problem in LA.

Dire Consequences

Fire alarm is a security system that detects the source of fire such as smoke before its starts an actual fire. The device is very much useful as it sends an early signal of the occurrence of fire, thus giving owners to evacuate themselves and necessary things in a matter of time.

The presence of a device is very timely and necessary as fire, nowadays, can easily build up due to the rising temperature of the Earth.

Devices and appliances heats up on a fast pace while criminals can set up their own fire just to allow their evil plans. This is why fire alarms are a great response to the big challenge of maintaining the security and safety around the workplace or at home.

Unfortunately, the presence of the device itself presents another problem – the occurrence of false fire alarms – which happens to have dire consequences to the fire department.

It can create chaos and can cause injuries during evacuation while the efforts, time, and resources of the authorities will be put into waste as they will, of course, responded with their fire trucks and weapons.

It will result to a big loss of productivity for all the people concern.

Fire for Fire

The LA City Council seems like fighting the fire with fire itself as it seek to penalize sources of false fire alarms.

With a yearly average of 12000 false fire alarms, the council is setting up a $48 permit fee for their alarm system and will charge an amount of $172 to $343 for 15-30 minute-response from the LA Fire Department.

Aside from minimizing the number of fake calls, the said proposal will generate millions of revenues from permits and penalties, which could be used in upgrading the fire system in the city.

An LA official stressed the burden a false fire alarm could bring to the city, saying that fire trucks sent out due to fire alarms are putting the lives of firefighters in danger. He also mentioned on the harm it could bring to the public in general as trucks rush through intersections.

It was not the first time that the LA City Council made huge efforts to make address the issue. In 2009, the fire department established a program, which amassed $11 million annually and has reduced the number of unwanted fire alarms from 145,000 to 54,000 in eight years.

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