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An estimate of three to four business entities were reportedly in complete ruin when a huge fire erupted in Miami Beach on September 26, 2016, early in the morning.

According to officials, the incident started from the attic of Vemar Market’s building located in the 16th street of Washington Avenue, which operates 24 hours per day.

Goutam Chakravorty, an employee of Vemar Market, said he was smelling bad smoke early in his shift and his daughter stressed that the smell was something coming from the outside.

Another employee went on to call Florida Power and Light as he suspected an electrical problem in the building. Eventually, he witnessed an actual smoke, which urged him to call 911.

A group of Miami Beach fire fighters came to the rescue and had to use ladder trucks in drenching water to big flames that caused the roof of the building to collapse.

Miami Beach Fire Rescue Chief admitted that responding to the incident was not a walk in the park, saying “We had multiple layers of roofing that were falling down on top of each other, and we weren’t able to get the water into the areas where we needed it.”

Luckily, there were no reported injuries and death casualties in the fire incident.

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Fire is considered as an ultimate threat to people’s lives. It does not just kill humans but also burn economic assets and properties to ashes. Most people admitted that they would rather experience robbery instead of fire.

Fire does not choose its victim. Just like what happened in Miami Beach, three or four business entities were caught off guard, which became costly for them as they incurred major losses as their investments were turned into pile of ashes.

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