In Miami Beach, a family of three will be welcoming the Yuletide Season with a heavy heart and homeless after a fire ate up their whole apartment, which destroyed the dwelling including appliances and stuffs inside it.

The victim, Ericka Molina, was left in awe and regret, when her family’s apartment was set on fire last December 15 at around 8 in the morning, which started from a burning Christmas tree.

Expressing her disbelief on the incident, Molina said that their home was just in plain full fire and it was inexplicable.

She then described the enormity of the fire and how severe it was, not allowing her to save her pet. She told the police that she can’t see anything as she try to escape, leaving her pet bird dying inside the fire.

Molina was living together with her two children and everyone was reported safe after the fire, which was initially declared out of control but the fire authorities did the improbable and was able to eradicate it.

The authorities in Miami Beach including the police, firefighters, and government officials did not fail to show compassion to the family as they extended a helping hand by giving them new clothing materials, toys, and a pet bird the day after the incident.

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