Not all thieves want to escape the crime scene immediately.

In an unusual story, a burglar in Florida, who broke into a woman’s house, did not just want to leave the area straightaway but had to spend more time drinking an expensive liquor, which cause him to lose his consciousness.

The suspect, named Russell Smith, burglarized Crystal Colwe’s home in New Port Richey, Florida, targeted the woman’s fridge and went on to find an expensive liquor, based on the man’s arrest affidavit.

He also took some pills and snuck into the woman’s bedroom to take a short sleep beside the woman.

Colwe was left in shock and awe being in the situation saying, “”Scariest thing I’ve ever went through. You don’t expect that.”

Much to her frustration, Colwe expressed her dismay over the expensive liquor that supposedly meant for bigger celebrations.

She was left fuming, saying “It was Yuengling! The expensive stuff. I mean, I have Busch. He could have drank the Bush. Why do you got to drink my expensive beer? You know, that was supposed to be a treat!”

It was not the first burglar activity by Smith as he has been involved in breaking in through houses in the city looting his victims’ jewelries and credit cards.


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