The famous iPhone maker Apple Inc. is making another big development with its features as it is set to utilize biometrics system with its popular web browser known as Safari.

According to reports, the company will be integrating a unique password management feature, which will be tied with a special biometric security in a bid to level up the phone’s security against hackers and cyber criminals.

With the upcoming upgrade on Apple’s Safari, users are about to experience a different level of security and safety with their mobile phones.


Redefining Authentication

Biometrics is not just a security device used at home or in workplace.

In the past five years, the device has redefined authentication processes even in mobile phones.

Commonly, mobile phones incorporate the security system to phone locks. This has been done by big companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Vivo. Different models but they have the same biometrics features.

There are five main ways where biometrics system keep mobile phones safe and secured.

The most common is face recognition.

In a generation of selfie users, this feature is widely-used as it takes the user to capture his face in order to enable the camera. One benefit of face recognition is its independence. It does not need to have any software to function as most cell phones have built-in cameras already.

Voice recognition is also a thing nowadays. This is unique compared to its peers as it can be used over the telephone. Yes, you read it right. Voice biometrics presents a quicker and more accessible security feature. Users will be saved from a number of security questions before accessing the phone.

Face and voice can be easily authenticated. Meanwhile, fingerprints will not go down without a fight as it proves to be one of the most widely used biological features. The system works by scanning the layers of the finger and captures its image.

Fingerprint technology continues to takeover not just in mobile industry but also in business areas, which is very common across different organizations.

Big Step Forward

With its goal to remain ahead of the competition against its biggest rival, Apple’s plan to utilize biometrics system on its web browser will be a big step forward for the firm.

Not only it will become one of the most unique web browser but will also cater more sense of security to users.

According to reports, the feature will be available on its annual update of Safari.

The update, or the so-called iOS12, the validation of Safari will be through scanning biometrics features such as face recognition or fingerprint technology.

The firm has already released its new API early this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple aims to level up the security it caters to its users. It already unveiled its plan on disallowing social networking sites in tracking their users through liking and sharing posts.

Despite the criticisms on biometrics system on its redundancy and inadequacy, Apple remains firm in bringing enhanced safety through biometric authentication.

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