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The people’s perspective on the presence of a surveillance camera is noticeably divided in the recent years. Some feel that it kind of invades personal privacy by watching for every move we make in public while others say the device watches out for us especially in dangerous times.

But whether you like its presence or not, a new technology will soon upgrade the features of surveillance cameras as the tech giant Nvidia formally collaborated with famous developer AnyVision to add facial recognition system to the security device in some known cities across the globe.

Perfect Pairing

Surveillance cameras and facial recognition system do not always come together. In fact, they are used separately in most sectors such as business and government to maintain the security and safety in their respective premises.

Surveillance cameras or popularly known as CCTV has been around since the 1940s. It was initially introduced by German scientists to monitor the formal launching of V-2 rockets. In the early 1950’s, it has reached the homes and streets of United States but the monitoring was not as accurate as the present version of the device.

Many years after, CCTVs became one of the most sought after security cameras in the world. It was not just utilized in home areas or business organizations. Even the sports industries tapped the service of this device to record actual games. The education sector also upgraded their security using CCTVs. True enough, it has gained millions of customers around the world for its ability to capture footage of crimes and relevant events.

Facial recognition, meanwhile, was discovered in the mid-1960’s by the noted triumvirate of American inventors Charles Bisson, Chan Wolf, and Woody Bledsoe. Nowadays, you can see the device in usually crowded places such as airports, business firms, and police stations. Its primary purpose is scanning the crowd to identify suspicious criminals.

With Nvidia and AnyVision putting these two systems together, they might come up with a perfect pairing that could provide more effective security solutions to combat life risks and threats.

Respect to Privacy

The California-based firm Nvidia and the popular AI provide AnyVision said that the surveillance cameras with facial recognition system would be 99% accurate. The duo will use algorithms, controlled by human monitors, in comparing the image identified by the device versus a comprehensive list of wanted criminals and even missing persons.

While others have expressed their concerns over the invasion of privacy, the collaborating firms vowed to secure the data collected and no one can access personal information from the public.

Though it may sound pretty disturbing, the idea of putting surveillance cameras and facial recognition technology in a single device could be a great answer in catching notorious criminals.

AnyVision also said that their modern CCTV cameras can be installed in ATM stalls with the goal to deter bank crimes such as fraud and robbery by verifying the face of person’s face using the live feed on the system.

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