The Fire Prevention Month may be over but the fight to raise fire awareness does not end there.

The American Red Cross collaborated with three main groups in launching its Sound the Alarm campaign in Greater Portland as they are set to visit the local neighborhood this Saturday to provide them free installation of smoke alarms and education on fire safety.

Great Escape

In the United States, the records revealed that there were more than 1.3 million cases of fire in 2015. Although it was a 19% decline from its statistics back in 2006, it remains alarming and a major issue as it tallied over 3000 deaths.

In terms of property and asset loss, Americans have lost $14.3 billion in the same year while there were 15,700 injuries recorded.

The fire cases in 2015 was the lowest in almost a decade but the country continues to create big steps in preventing and lowering the number of such disaster.

This is why smoke alarms has still a big role for this cause as it provide users and his peers to find time in escaping the building in an occurrence of fire.

The device has a primary function of detecting the presence of a fire. Basically, when its sensor or detector identifies a smoke, it automatically sends signal to the owner through an alarm.

The noise from the alarm can save lives and even properties in a matter of seconds as early detection can always provide room in finding solutions to the situation. But the sound of the alarm should be loud enough in order to penetrate doors and walls in times of sleep or else its use would be put in vain.

Making Big Leaps

American Red Cross has been in the center of spot light with its charity works in saving lives of people. But this time, its move to create awareness in fire safety is really commendable.

The Sound the Alarm Campaign gathered over a hundred volunteers who installed more than 690 smoke alarms to 172 homes of South Portland in an attempt to minimize fire cases which killed thousands of death annually.

Portland was just one of the 100 cities targeted by the organization to grant free installations of 100,000 smoke alarms as the American Red Cross believes that fire can do more damage to homes and people than any other natural calamities.

According to its State Fire Marshal, there are at least seven people who die in home fires every day. He stressed that this number is “unacceptable” and that working together in preventing these tragedies should be our responsibility.

Meanwhile, the head of the Portland Fire Department expressed his excitement about their partnership with American Red Cross as he is aware of the importance of smoke alarms in saving lives through early fire detection.

The Sound the Alarm Campaign is expected to provide free installation of smoke alarms and free education to fire safety to American throughout the whole 2018.

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