The burden of visiting every room to make a family announcement is now put on the sidelines as the giant online shopping platform, Amazon, now offers a device that can serve as prime communicator inside a house through its new product called Alexa Announcements.

With the device, users or homeowners can now gather their family members in a quick way without the need to talk to raise their voice.

Power of Two

An intercom system is a security device used to transmit and receive video or audio.

In its rich history, this device has been utilized since the early 1880s, where people used voice tubes to intercommunicate. It was just a simple device made with pipe. People back then have to simply shout or talk to send the message on the other end, which was composed of funnel-shaped horn.

As years went by, there were notable developments on the features and designs of intercom systems.

In 1894, the first telephone intercom was invented, mainly to be used in the workplace. Kellogg was the inventor of this version, with radial system making the process of communication possible.

It was a breakthrough development in market as it became the pattern for the next versions of the device.

Come the 1950s, John Bardeen and William Brattain gave birth to electronic intercom system. The invention has signaled the massive innovation in technology and security. Successfully, it has become the primary intercom device to be used across the world especially in residential areas and in the business sectors.

Nowadays, the designs, sizes, and types of the device vary big time. There are permanent systems, portable, wiring, wireless, and telephone and can be seen in buildings and vehicles. More importantly, it has become a form of security device that assures the safety of owners by identifying and allowing/denying the entry of a specific person.

Getting in the Same Page

With the Alexa Announcement now at the helm, Amazon revealed that its purpose is in getting every family member on the same page.

The device works as a one-way intercom system where it can send message across the house after commanding it do so. Consumers can avail the new intercom system through the company’s Echo Speakers but it is only limited to clients across Canada and the United States. For customers abroad, they need to wait for more as the firm will bring the new exciting feature soon.

Alexa Announcements work by transmitting the notification to Echo speakers and then the device will do the broadcasting duty. It can be used in announcing the dinner, gathering the members early in the morning for work and for school, and whatever reports a member wishes to make.

With plenty of consumers purchasing Echo speakers due to its cheap price and exciting features, Alexa Announcement will be a perfect partner aid in making every home comfortable and convenient. The firm has also revealed of introducing other features such as music, messaging, and another intercom system called Drop in.

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