Most thieves wear bunch of clothes to hide their identity during break-ins, but for a 40-yr old man in Florida, he is taking burglary to the next level.

Joseph Vaglica

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Joseph Vaglica, 40, of Edgewater in Florida conducted an unusual break in activity in November 11, when he illegally invaded a woman’s house in New Smyrna Beach without wearing any clothes.

The woman, who was shell-shocked with the incident, immediately phoned 911 and reported that a naked guy just ran into her house. Out of fear that the naked guy may harm her, she quickly stepped outside her house and decided to stay on her stepson’s abode next door.

According to the narrative of the woman’s stepson, he was in his garage when he saw a guy butt naked and jumped into a car after stopping from speeding backwards in the drive way. He also witnessed the guy suspiciously staring up the sky while naked.

Vaglica, then, barged into the woman’s garage, entered the house, went upstairs, and tried fitting some of her garments.

The police arrived just in time when the Vaglica finished trying her clothes as the deputies from Volusia County Sheriff arrested him and charged him with burglary and assault with a hefty fine of $25 000.

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