At least four people were hospitalized while an apartment building in Florida was fully evacuated by the Fire Department after strong levels of carbon monoxide was detected, following deep-frying activity prior to the Thanksgiving Day.

According to reports, four victims were sent to the hospital last November 23, Thursday, after waking up feeling sick due to fumes that scattered around the building. Meanwhile, three others already received a treatment, which sidelined them from being hospitalized.

The authorities confirmed that the high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) came from a gas tank, which was used to deep fry ‘tamales’. The regulations provided that portable tanks should not be used indoors as it may put residents to riskier situations.

Carbon monoxide can cause sickness like headache, fatigue, and nausea, and can even kill people if exposed to higher levels. The fumes came from the fryer used on Wednesday, in preparation for the upcoming holidays.

The whole apartment building was evacuated for over two hours to prevent further casualties and people were advised to grill only outdoors.

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The appliances we are using in our houses give us so much relief. But at some points, when necessary precautions are not applied, they can do the damage to our lives and to the important assets of our homes.

Fuel-burning appliances like stoves, heaters, and gas tanks contain dangerous, invisible, odorless gases that are threat to human lives. Since they do not have color and odor, we do not have any idea about their presence in our home. Worse is they can result to fire incident resulting to death and property loss.

This is why homeowners, and even landlords of apartment buildings, should consider investing on fire alarm systems which surely can save plenty of lives in times of unexpected emergencies. Fire alarms normally consist of detectors, which has the ability to identify the presence of smoke and other gases, among which is carbon monoxide.

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We believed that smoke detection play an important role in Life Safety as it consist of protective measures including automatic shutdown and may even transmit signal to the fire department. It is often paired with alarm device that normally goes off to give alert to occupants regarding possible fire.

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